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Our difference is a more refined search result by using filter based listing and search selections.

ReHomed Clothing, simplifies the listing process, relying on filters to determine what the displayed description will be. The benefit of this is when the buyer is looking for something, they are searching using the exact filters the seller used. Therefore, the search results are specific, not cluttered with irrelevant items like 'any product' marketplaces.

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Nothing to Wear?

Sell some of your pre-loved clothing on ReHomed.

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Easy to find exactly what you want.

ReHomed search is based on Sellers' filters, not descriptions.

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Set up your own stall within ReHomed.

When you setup your own store you attract your own followers.

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We help you present your items.

We'll help you with easy professional tips to take great photos and present your item the best it can be.

It's time to clear out your wardrobe.

Just because we’re bored of the clothes in our wardrobe doesn’t mean someone else won’t wear them.

Most people would admit to having clothes in their wardrobe that they never wear. What do they do with all those clothes when it’s time to clean out the wardrobe? Give them to a charity shop where only the best items make it onto the racks, and the rest end in landfill? Or do they just throw them out themselves? There is no such thing as throwing them out. They must go somewhere, right? Australians actually discard 23 kilograms of clothing per capita every year and this results in six tonnes of textiles and clothing contributed to landfills in Australia every 10 minutes. Think about it!